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About StarDot Technologies

Based in Buena Park, California, StarDot Technologies has been designing and manufacturing remote imaging and video solutions since 1994. In that time, it has been providing solutions to a wide variety of organizations, including the National Park Service, the FAA, NOAA and NASA. The business sector includes security, tourism, construction, education, government and many other users who need to view, record and export high-resolution video and images.

The product line includes three generations of NetCam (an integrated camera and web server supporting resolutions up to 5 megapixel), Express video servers (devices that connect up to six video cameras to a network) and StarDot DVR (IP-based digital video recording software).

StarDot has built a reputation on image quality, ease of use and remote outdoor reliability. Its products are sold through international distributors, national resellers and through its direct sales staff.