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Feature Benefit
Standalone Operation Does not require a dedicated PC in order to operate -- NetCam is a true standalone device that plugs directly into a network or modem. It combines a high quality digital camera and small powerful computer in one small package.
StarDot Image Quality One look at NetCam's sample images and you'll quickly see why NetCam's image quality stands high above the competition. NetCam's image sensor is a frame-transfer CCD and StarDot's firmware post-processing adds color correction, contrast enhancement and sharpening.
IP-Addressable Continuous live images and configuration menus can be viewed from anywhere by simply entering NetCam's IP address in a web browser.
Multiple Camera Operation Since each NetCam is assigned its own IP address, you can run hundreds of NetCams on a single network. By adding a low-cost router, you can access dozens of NetCam behind a single DSL or cable modem IP address.
Dynamic DNS Support If you have a public DSL or cable modem IP address that is always changing (dynamic IP address), no problem -- NetCam supports dynamic DNS services such as TZO to map your dynamic IP address to a static hostname (i.e.
Password-Protected Configuration menus and live images are username/password protected to prevent unauthorized access.
Browser-Based No special software or downloads are needed to access NetCam. Any java-enabled web browser can be used, including browsers on Windows, MacOS and UNIX/Linux.
Built-In FTP Client NetCam can be programmed to upload images to your web server based on a schedule you set. In addition to uploading the latest live image, NetCam also has the ability to periodically archive images on your server or to keep a rotating archive of the last ten images.
Expandable Unlike competing network cameras, NetCam boasts not one but two serial ports, so plugging a weather station into NetCam is easy. Additionally, an industry standard I2C bus port is accessible from the back of NetCam, so adding a motorized zoom lens is a snap.
Power Injected Cable A 50' power/network cable is included with NetCam (the dial-up NetCam includes a 25' power/modem cable). This is the key to easy installation -- one cable carries both power and data, which means that a wall outlet is not needed near the camera and only one cable needs to run to each camera. Cable lengths up to 300' are available.
Bandwidth-Friendly You can run hundreds of NetCams on a single network without worrying about dragging your network down. Each NetCam averages only 160Kbits/second of bandwidth.
Includes StarDot Tools Software NetCam can be configured/viewed with only a web browser. However, for first time users or for users connecting NetCam to an analog phone line, we include the powerful and simple StarDot Tools software, a Windows application that includes a Setup Wizard for easy NetCam configuration, a Modules Wizard and various other functionality for configuration and diagnostics.
Date/Time Overlay StarDot's internal clock can synchronize itself over the Internet or you can set the time manually via a web browser. The time and date and custom text is overlaid on the live image. The font style, color, transparency and position can all be changed.
Developer-Friendly NetCam is essentially a digital camera and computer in one -- customization and development are easily accomplished via its embedded Linux operating system, shell scripting and processing language (awk).
Complete Solution All you need is a network connection. Out of the box, NetCam can be viewed or configured on any computer with a web browser.
Warranty Limited 1-Year Warranty, Parts & Labor


Spec Detail
Image Sensor NetCam - 640x480 Sharp 1/3" RGB Frame Transfer CCD (samples)
NetCam MP - 1280x960 Sony 1/2" RGB Frame Transfer CCD (samples)
Sensitivity 2 LUX (with f1.2 iris)
Exposure Auto exposure with brightness adjustment and grid exposure selection or manual exposure (1/50,000 second ~ 1.3 seconds)
Imaging Features Auto/manual color balance (including skew override), contrast enhancement (haze subtraction, gamma correction) and sharpening
Image Compression Industry Standard JPEG (adjustable quality/compression)
Frame Rate 96x80 (4 frames per second)
160x120 (2.5 frames per second)
192x160 (2 frames per second)
320x240 (1 frame per second)
640x480 (1 frame every 3 seconds)
1280x960 (1 frame every 8 seconds) - available only on NetCam MP
Typical File Sizes 320x240 (8~20KB)
640x480 (25~70KB)
1280x960 (50~120KB) - available only on NetCam MP
Network Connection 1 x 10-baseT Ethernet (10/100 compatible)
Serial Connection 2 x RS-232 Ports, DB9, up to 115.2Kb/sec
I/O Connectors 4 x Digital Alarm Inputs
4 x 5V Swing Output Pins
1 x Fully Isolated Relay, 2A@5V or 0.5A@28VDC
Output is 5VDC@50mA
Internal Operating System uClinux
Security Separate password-protected user accounts for administering the server and viewing the images, additional user accounts can be added
Operating Temperature -40°F to +120°F (-40°C to +49°C)
Dimensions 3.25" wide (82.5 mm) x 2.20" high (56 mm) x 6.6" deep (167 mm)
Weight 19.5 ounces (553 grams)
EMI Approval FCC Class A, CE (EN55024/1998, EN55022/1998)
Power Requirements 8VDC - 15VDC (500mA@12V)