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NetCam XL Manual

NetCam XL Manual

NetCam XL Manual

PDF format (2.55MB)

StarDot Tools Software

StarDot Tools

Version 1.5.2 (2.0MB)

NetCam XL Firmware

Firmware Upgrade Instructions

  • To upgrade the firmware, use the latest copy of the StarDot Tools software and the NetCam XL must be on the same local network as your computer. Run StarDot Tools, right-click on the NetCam XL in the list, select "Upgrade Firmware" and follow the on-screen instructions. DO NOT power the camera off during the upgrade process as this may leave NetCam XL inoperable.
  • After upgrading the firmware, you will have to re-enter all of the existing settings (IP address, FTP information, etc). If your camera is not on a DHCP network (behind a router), you may need to use the null serial cable that shipped with NetCam to reassign the IP address.

VERY IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTE: You cannot upgrade from 1.1.51 (or earlier) to 1.1.53 (or later). If you do, your camera will no longer work. You MUST upgrade to 1.1.52 first. Once you upgrade to 1.1.52, you can then upgrade to any higher version.

Firmware Download Page

Capture Client Java Applet

To broadcast your live image stream on a web server (and prevent viewers from accessing your camera directly), configure NetCam to FTP images to the web site of your choice. This takes the bandwidth load off the camera and puts it on your web server.

So viewers don't simply see the current live still image, you can use the free StarDot Capture Client Java Applet on your web page. This will auto-update the current live image every X seconds. The first link below contains the CaptureClient.class file (which you upload to your server), detailed instructions as well as sample html code.

Capture Client Download Page