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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are our frequently asked questions:-


    How much does Stardot Time-Vision cost?

StarDot Time-Vision monthly subscriptions range between $170/month to $225/month. You can also save by paying for your subscription in one annual payment. For more pricing information click here.


    Can I use any web camera with StarDot Vision?

You will need to use a Stardot NetCam with this service, we have special all inclusive packages avaliable here.


    How much additional bandwidth will the time-lapse video use from my webserver?

None! The StarDot Time-Vision service uses StarDot servers so there is no additional bandwidth use required from your webserver.


    How can I pay for my subscription?

You have the flexability to pay for your annual subscription in one go or make monthly payments. You can even set up automatic payments for your monthly subscription.


    I need help setting up my service, do you have technical support avaliable to help me?

Yes we do, we have technical support representatives avaliable between 8am - 5pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday. You can find the Technical Support contact information here.


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