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If you would like to subscribe to the Time-Vision service, you can do so online or by calling one of our sales representatives. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us on 1-888-STARDOT.

To purchase more than one package/subscription or to purchase an Annual Package please call our sales helpline on 1-888-782-6368/


Camera Packages

Don't have a StarDot NetCam already? No problem! Now is the perfect time to save on a NetCam SC Time-Vision bundle. Save 10% on your camera package when you subscribe to Time-Vision!

Time-Vision Packages

Package Includes:NetCam SC with optional lens

  • StarDot NetCam SC 1.3MP/3MP/5MP
  • 4.5-10mm Varifocal Lens
  • 100ft Power/Network Cable
  • Compact Outdoor Enclosure








Subscribe to a Time-Vision monthly deal and recieve 10% off any of the packages below:


1 Megapixel Package

    $1298 $1168.20

    + $170/ Month Subscription


3 Megapixel Package

    $1350 $1215

    + $185/ Month Subscription


5 Megapixel Package

    $1398 $1258.20

    + $225/ Month Subscription

Subscription Only

If you already have a StarDot NetCam and would like to purchase a subscription, you may do so by purchasing online. A StarDot Representative will contact you to set up the Time-Vision service in your NetCam.


1 Megapixel Subscription

  • $170/month


3 Megapixel Subscription

  • $185/month


5 Megapixel Subscription

  • $225/month

Annual Packages

Save 50% off your camera package if you decided to purchase an annual subscription!


1 Megapixel Annual Package

    $1298 $649

    + $2050 Annual Subscription

    $2699 Total $649 savings!

3 Megapixel Annual Package

    $1349 $675

    + $2224 Annual Subscription

    $2899 Total $675 savings!

5 Megapixel Annual Package

    $1449 $699

    + $2700 Annual Subscription

    $3399 Total $699 savings!

Order Now!

*You must pay for annual subscription in full to be eligible for 50% discount.

Please note that subscriptions are billed per calender month, payment will be due within 5 business days of due date.

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